Year 5


Year 5 at Church




Year 5 have been learning how to play chess. We have been learning the theory of how to play, and have had chances to practice what we have learnt in games against each other.





Lenten Promises

As  a class we discussed the meaning of Lent. We believe that Lent is a time where we make a sacrifice to give up things which have special meaning to us and a time to help others.

Here are a few Lenten promises that children in Year 5 made.








Book Week

Some of the great costumes worn by the Year 5 class !!







Art Lesson

In Art the class created their own form of alien. Each child's alien is unique to them!

Can you guess how the children created them?

Hint: Part of it involves Maths.





Visit to St Thomas More Comprehensive School

Year 5 went to St Thomas More Comprehensive School for a Science Investigation on Friction - how friction is affected by:

1) The surface an object is moving across

2) How the mass of an object affects the force required to move an object.

This investigation is part of a lesson which links into our Science Unit this half term, which is on "Forces".