Year 1


Trip to the Cutty Sark

Year One visited the Cutty Sark and loved it! We met Nannie who was the ship's figurehead. She was wearing a cutty sark which is a style of dress.  Nannie told us the story of why the ship was named Cutty Sark.

We learnt the Cutty Sark was a sailing boat called a clipper and how it took goods to other countries, then brought back more goods on the return journey. The Cutty Sark travelled from England to China with  goods and returned with tea. The Cutty Sark also transported cargo to Australia and collected wool to bring back home to England.

Then, we visited the top deck and we tried to image what it would be like to be a sailor living on board. We decided life on board would be hard if you were one of the crew!



World Book Day

We celebrated 'World Book Day' by dressing up as a favourite book character and reading to people in other classes.

We also visited the Eltham Library Reading Garden.





Year  One have been learning about weighing things.  They have been learning to compare weights of various objects.