School Clubs

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Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club runs from 7.50am every morning.

 Children can choose their own breakfast from a wide selection of healthy options. Staff ensure that the children are cared for before the school day in a welcoming, family atmosphere. They can read, play, watch morning TV or just chat - it just gets them ready for the day ahead in a calm and happy atmosphere.

Pupils are taken to their respective classrooms at 8.50am ready for school to commence. The current minimum charge for Breakfast Club is £3.00 per day, which must be paid in advance.  This includes breakfast.

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After School Playclub

 The After School Play Club is organised and run by the school. We have a very experienced After School Play Club team who create a relaxed, happy atmosphere for the children after their hard day at school.

 Play Club runs from 3.30pm (straight after the end of the school day) until 6.00pm. Children are provided with a light tea during this time.

 The children take part in varied games and activities whilst they are at Play Club. They also have an opportunity to complete any homework tasks in a quiet area if they wish.

 The current charge for Play Club is £10.00 per session which must be paid in advance.

 Registration forms for Play Club are available from the school online and from the school office and must be completed in advance.

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 Play Club - week ending 22nd March 2019

Spring is in the air at Playclub. Over the last couple of weeks we have learnt about St David’s Day and how to draw daffodils, made lent promises and started making some beautiful springtime pictures and poems. 
All this as well as enjoying lots of fun games and activities.....and taking the adults on at UNO!







Having Fun at After School Play Club  



Arts and Crafts Club

Today in Arts and Crafts Club we had lots of fun bubble painting! 



 Science Club

The children have been busy experimenting with skittles and water, they were predicting that the cold water would take 40 seconds and the hot water 20 seconds to dissolve the skittles creating a rainbow.

The reason that the food colours meet in the middle of the plate as a cross and not mix is because each food colour has the same amount of sugar dissolved from each skittle.




 Cooking Club

Cooking Club made pizza using tomato paste, cheese, ham, pepper, sweetcorn and chopped tomatoes